How it works

Once you set up an account with Recycle4Charity you can order prepaid shipping labels through UPS for sending your empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges without any charge or paperwork!

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No paperwork required
Recycle4Charity does not require a packing list with your shipment, you shipment details will be posted online, we will not mail you any statements, checks or receipt for your donation all money will be donated to charities we support direct by Recycle4Charity.

Bulk shipments
Do you have 300+ laser cartridges or 3+ skids of product to donate to Recycle4Charity? R4C can arrange for a pickup and pay for the shipping. Contact customer service for more information at 1.800.588.7960.

Surplus new supplies
Recycle4Charity also accepts new un-used printer cartridges, copier supplies including ink, toner, developer, fuser oil and fuser assemblies, drums and imaging units. All consumable supplies qualify as long as the item has not been used/opened. If you have new surplus items please make a detailed list (pictures encouraged) and email it to us to arrange for pickup, please do not mix it in with your empty cartridges.

All brand and model numbers will be considered for pickup and recycling.